Recreational marijuana was legalized in the state of Nevada on July 1, 2017, which paved the way for a whole host of brands and shops selling cannabis in various forms. Beers, candy, pretzels, and even cosmetics infused with marijuana can all be found and enjoyed in Las Vegas.

But if you’re looking to try out some incredible and mouth-watering cannabis edibles while partying in Sin City, then here are six best places to buy them from.

1. Curaleaf (1736 Las Vegas Blvd S)

Curaleaf (1736 Las Vegas Blvd S)

Located on Las Vegas Blvd, Curaleaf is definitely the most accessible dispensary in Sin City. Their products include gummies, chocolate caramels, and fruit punch, all of which feature a variety of marijuana strains. They also allow customers to order edibles online, even offering delivery for Nevada residents sporting proper ID.

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